About Us

Knots, woggles, khaki shorts? Prepare to be surprised - Scouts take part in activities as diverse as kayaking, abseiling, expeditions overseas, photography, climbing and zorbing. As a Scout you can learn survival skills, first aid, or even computer programming. There is something for everyone!

Beavers Cubs Scouts Bishopbriggs Activities for 6 7 8 year olds G64
Beaver Scouts are our youngest members. We meet weekly to take part in a wide range of activities including games and crafts. We also have occasional days out, and overnight sleepovers.
Cubs take part in a wider range of activities designed to be interesting and challenging. A Cub Scout meeting consists of games and activities with plenty of time spent outdoors. Weekend camps are some of the most memorable events of the year for a Cub.
Throughout the year, Scouts learn various skills, such as map reading, camp cooking and first aid. Our weekly meetings offer a chance to learn new skills as well as enjoy games and fun with friends.
Rock climbing, potholing, gliding, photography and international experiences are just some of the things we get up to.